Hey! My name is Vincent. I’m a software engineer, and I love creating, programming, thinking, … well, working on projects.

…so, you’re looking for a plain and grumpy explanation of my profile? OK, read the following lines.

Long story short

My experience started in the late 90’s by conceiving websites from scratch. I have acquired over the years some foundations of what it meant to be a webmaster (🤔 who still uses this word nowadays?). Let’s translate for nyancats: coding, servers, content writing, seo, advertising, etc.

During my graduate studies I started to be interested in memory management, algorithms, neural networks, etc. But especially, I seized the opportunity to work on “research and development” projects with a practical approach: remote sensing, exploration robots, handicap sector, etc. UAV and AUV, before it was cool.

It was only around 2009 that I started to work in the mobile development industry: first through personal projects, then by the creation of a course for my school, and finaly by joining startups (appsfire, thefoodassembly, sporteasy).

You can find specific work examples in the experience page.

In (very) short

let like: [:D] = [simple, efficient, rock-solid, pixel perfect, sport, relaxation]
let hate: [:(] = [slow, inaccurate, metro, noise]

Contact me

You think my profile would be helpful to your project?
Don’t hesitate to ping me (vincent.germain@mac.com) and let’s talk! I’m always open to discussions.